Introducing Optifyme!

Optifyme is a tool made for media buyers to help save money on ad spend by automatically optimizing your campaigns. Optifyme connects to your traffic sources and tracker to make actions based on the rules you set to follow. Examples would include, pausing or blocking a specific domain from selected traffic source, or sending you a notification that a source’s CTR has dropped.

During the last few months Optifyme has been in a public Beta, by working with Optifyme users we have successfully implemented many requested features, and continue to do so.

Our goal is to help affiliates of all levels; therefore, we are tirelessly working on supporting more and more traffic sources and trackers, while keeping the lowest prices in the industry.
Automatically optimizes your campaigns: Optifyme follows the rules you set to blacklist sources.
Protects your budget: Will block out non-profitable sources, using dynamic rules.
Provides real time notifications: Alerts you through email or Telegram messenger about the statistics of your campaigns, based on the rules you choose.
Works 24/7: Constantly optimizes or notifies you about your campaigns statistics and status.

Currently our system can work with some of the largest mainstream and adult traffic sources. But we are constantly working on adding new integrations.

Current Supported Trackers:

  • Voluum
  • Binom
  • Thrive
  • Adsbridge

Current Supported Traffic Sources:

  • Plugrush
  • Zeropark
  • MGID
  • Exoclick
  • Airpush
  • POPCash

Note: You don’t need to be using these traffic sources to use Optifyme’s features. If you are using a non-supported traffic source, you can still receive notifications via email or Telegram Messenger for any traffic source if your tracker is supported.

Examples of rules:

  • Rule 1: If Cost => 50 & Revenue =< 25 Then Pause Target

This rule will pause a target when the cost reaches or goes over $50.00 and the revenue is less than $25.

  • Rule 2: If Views => 250 & CTR =< 1 & Conversions =< 1 Then Pause Target

This rule will pause a target when it receives over 250 visits ant the CTR is less than 1% and there are no conversions. (This is a commonly used rule to avoid bot traffic)

  • Rule 3: If Cost => 50 & ROI =< 10% Then Send Notification.

This rule will send you a notification (Through email or Telegram Messenger) whenever a target spends over $50.00 and the ROI is less than 10%.

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