Optifyme Payment Method

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a journey since we launched the public beta version of Optifyme. Thanks to you, we have received a lot of feedback, and are working hard on making every user request possible.

We would like to inform you that we will start charging for Optifyme services on the 15th of November. Therefore, we will start collecting payment information in your panel.optifyme.com. In the coming days we will be asking our users to select a monthly plan, and for user billing information, we will then start charging on the 15th of November for users who choose a plan. For users who have not selected a plan by the 15th of November, your account will stop working until you update your plan & billing information.

The good news is that we will have a special price for all users who sign up before 1 January 2018, which starts at only $50 per month, the lowest price on the market so far! For all the users who sign up before the 1st of January, we will keep this special price until June of 2018. Our $50 per month plan includes up to $5000 spending of current active campaigns in Optifyme.  If you spend over $5000 per month, we will charge an extra 1% of of the overage on your active campaign costs.

Our payment solution and all the billing details will go through Stripe payments. We have chosen to work with Stripe because of their professionalism in the industry. Some more info about Stripe: “Stripe is headquartered in San Francisco. The company has received around $450 million in funding to date; investors include Sequoia Capital, Visa, American Express, Peter Thiel, and Elon Musk. Stripe now processes billions of dollars a year for thousands of businesses, from newly-launched start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.”


If you have any questions please email us at support@optifyme.com

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