Creating Your First Action Based Rule on Optifyme!

This guide will help you create your first action based rule on Optifyme. This means that Optifyme will pause a source based on the rules you choose.

To do this you must create a new campaign:

  1. Go on the Campaigns Tab, and click on “add”.
  2. Enter a name for the campaign.
  3. By default, the campaign is set to “notifications only”.
  4. Click on “Notifications only” and select the traffic source you would like to optimize, in this case we select Exoclick.
  5. Under Traffic source campaign id select the campaign you want to optimize.
  6. Select the tracker you are using.
  7. Under tracker campaign id. select the campaign linked to the traffic source campaign id.
  8. Select your time range, we selected last 7 days.
  9. Click on “Add”

You will be taken to the campaigns dashboard.

While in the campaign dashboard follow these Steps:

Now you must create a rule:

  1. Click on “add” next to Rules on the campaign.
  2. We will add: If Cost >= 15 & Revenue <= 7.50.
  3. Under action it should display “Pause Target” (This means that if the rule is met, Optifyme will automatically pause the targets, in Exoclick’s case the targets are domains).
  4. Set the status to “ON”.
  5. Select if you wish to receive Telegram notifications when the actions are executed.
  6. Click on Add.

You will be returned to the campaigns dashboard.

Activating Campaign:

  1. While in the dashboard click on “Edit”.
  2. Click on Status and select “Active”.
  3. Hit Save.


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